Services – Script Writing and Concept Development

As an Advertising Script Writer and Creative Consultant, I work with each and every client differently - fitting into your creative process in a way that works for you. Here are just a few of the things I can do to make your life easier.

Creative Concept Development

Not ready to script, but need a great idea to pitch to a client? For a fixed fee, I'll come up with 3-5 killer concepts - and present them in a beautifully designed PDF that will blow them away.

script writing services - creative concept developmentScript Writing Services - Creative Concept Development

Script Writing

Let's be honest, that's probably why you're here. The most popular of my script writing services - writing the actual script!

Whether it's for a high-end TV Advertising, some bespoke Branded Content, or a cheap-and-cheerful (but no less important) Animated Explainer video - I'll craft words that excite, entertain and engage.

All my scripts are written in two columns, with just as much emphasis on the visuals as the VO - so your Production Team will have everything they need to get started. Want to see some examples? Get in touch!

script writing services - sample scripts

Script Editing

Already hired someone else, and not quite sure why their advert script isn't hitting the mark? Let me take a pass. Written a draft script yourself, but need a hand making it sing? Send it my way. With years of experience, and hundreds of short-form scripts under my belt - if you've got a problem with an existing script, you can rely on me to fix it.

B-Roll Paper Edits

Got a whole load of B-Roll and no real idea what to do with it? Send it over, and I'll come up with a script that makes great use of it, and detailed notes for your editor so he knows exactly how to cut it together. See how this panned out for one of my favourite clients. Don't yet have an editor? Take a look at my favourite Production Partners to see who I'd recommend.

Rates and Packages

If you want to bring in clients with big ambitions, and even bigger budgets, then you're going to need a big idea.

Luckily - big ideas aren't nearly as expensive as you might think! You can find my full rate-card here.