Script Writer’s Toolkit: use your B-Roll to up your social media content A-Game


Running out of ideas for your social media content? Use your B-Roll to up your A-Game.

If you’re anything like me, your phone is full of stills you thought might one day be useful, and poorly shot videos of moments that might one day help tell your story.

You’re trying to project a slick, professional image – but that doesn’t mean this B-Roll needs to sit on the shelf and contribute nothing.

Wrap it up within the right idea, and you’ve got all the ingredients you need to make brand new brand-boosting social media content.


One of my favourite end-clients is REV, one of America’s biggest emergency vehicle manufacturers (full disclosure: I don’t work with REV directly – instead, I’m subcontracted by the awesome Tracy Nidermeyer at Miami-based agency Maximes).

REV had sponsored a driver in a huge race in Las Vegas – and against all odds, he won. But once the celebrations were over, and everyone was back in the office, the REV team realised they had absolutely nothing to show for their sponsorship, except for a video of the winning moment, and some stills of the (also-sponsored) party that night.


We pieced everything they had together, and tried to tell a story – but it just didn’t hang together. It was missing something. It was missing an idea. After a few hours banging our heads against the wall, we cracked it: we’ll play on the REV brand name, and pitch the video as a step-by-step gude to REVving up the event.

All of a sudden – it worked! The right idea really can turn nothing into something.

You can see for yourself, here:


The traction REV got with this first video gave them the confidence to be more and more ambitious – a dozen videos later, we made this little gem.


Want some help turning all that old B-Roll into Grade-A social media content? Get in touch!

About the Author

Adam Hunt is a Script Writer and Creative Consultant. Based in London, he works remotely for clients around the world.

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