Script Writer’s Toolkit: Where do ‘new ideas’ come from?

Whether you’re a script writer, you’re hiring one, or you’re doing it all in-house – your content needs an idea. But where do new ideas come from?

A ‘new’ idea is just two old ideas smashed together… And here’s how to do it!

Oh sure, us creative types make a living by persuading you all that without us there would be no new ideas, but that simply isn’t true.

A ‘new’ idea is just two old ones combined in such a way as to make it feel fresh and exciting – and our brains LOVE the challenge.

Try the steps below, and I guarantee you’ll come out the other end with some brand new ideas you won’t believe are your own.


Take two notepads – one large, one small. On the large notepad, write down everything that’s IMPORTANT about your business, your product or your service. What does it do? What problems does it solve? How?

On the same page, in amongst the words you’ve already written, write down everything that’s INTERESTING. Where are you based? How and why did the business launch? Why are YOUR team different?

Next – again, mixed in, write down everything you know (or think you know) about your ideal CUSTOMER. Their profile, their style, their needs, their likes / dislikes.

Now, pick two or three words at random – and on the smaller pad, write down a single line explaining what the video would be if you were to build it around those specific points. Repeat ten times – and then read the ideas back.

Have you hit gold already? Great! Not sure you’ve hit the mark? Stop what you’re doing and give your brain a break (take a shower, or go for a run) and it’ll be working overtime in the background to help you crack it.

Voila. You’re no longer just a script writer. You’re a script writer with the know-how to come up with the great ideas you and your clients need.

Need a hand coming up with bigger and better ideas? Well – get in touch, and let’s discuss your next project!

About the Author

Adam Hunt is a Script Writer and Creative Consultant. Based in London, he works remotely for clients around the world.

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