The right-on writer’s copywriting playlist

Music to write to. Music about writing. Right here, all under one roof.

music to write to

Songs about writing VS music to write to

As a writer, I feel myself drawn to two specific kinds of music: songs ABOUT writing (that I can listen to and feel great, like I’m changing the world), and music to write to (mostly instrumentals – otherwise Tay Tay’s lyrics would definitely find their way into a toothpaste commercial).

I decided to put together a playlist that combined the best of both – and called upon the members of The Copywriter Club (a Facebook group that any writer needs to be a part of) to help me fill it.

The result is strangely compelling! A measure of our collective psyche. FYI – we have impeccable taste.

Introducing: the right-on writer’s copywriting playlist.

There’s definitely still room for a few more – so let me know what I’ve missed. Add your favourite songs about writing (and music to write to) in the comments, or get in touch directly, and I’ll see if I can find a spot for them in the playlist.


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Adam Hunt is a Script Writer and Creative Consultant. Based in London, he works remotely for clients around the world.

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