Script Writer’s Toolkit: a great script starts with a great idea

Every great script starts with a great idea.  Don’t start production until you have one.

We’re used to being told that video content is king – and it’s true. Great video content hooks an audience like no other medium. But that doesn’t mean that ALL video content will.

So many of my clients come to me looking for help making their second video shine, after their first video failed to achieve anything. And what did they do wrong the first time? Simple – with a deadline looming, they panicked. And in that panic, they built their team the wrong way round.

They found an animator / director who they knew could deliver aesthetically. They then wrote a script, and production kicked into full swing. Before they knew it they had a launch video that looked beautiful, yet achieved nothing.

When you’re working to a tight budget, having an animator or director who can also double up and write your script can work. But – they need some creative direction.

ALWAYS start with the idea.  

If you haven’t got room in the budget for a writer / creative consultant – then i’m afraid you’ve just been hired to fill that role yourself.

Sit down with a pen and a pad, and get thinking. Who are you selling to, what are you selling, and how can you video that does that a more entertaining watch.

Come up with at least 4 different ways to tell your story, then choose your favourite. Then – and only then – are you ready to begin pre-production. Finally time to get writing that great script!

You can't write a great script until you've got a great idea.
A set of concepts produced for a financial client looking for an engaging way to sell their new ‘retirement roadmap’ product. We based fave great scripts on concept one.

And of course – if you do want a hand coming up with a great idea or four for your next project – just get in touch!

About the Author

Adam Hunt is a Script Writer and Creative Consultant. Based in London, he works remotely for clients around the world.

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