Adam Hunt – Script Writer and Creative Consultant

Fresh Ideas

Trying to land a new client, and realise you've got nothing to pitch when you see them tomorrow?

Let's talk!

Superior Scripts

Want to bring a great idea to life, but haven't got the time (or the skill) to write a script that does it justice?

That's why I'm here!

Captivating concepts

Bored of making the same cut-and-paste videos for every client, but not sure how to break the mould?

Leave that to me.

Bigger Budgets

Want to persuade your clients to try bigger, bolder, more ambitious projects? It all starts with an idea.

And ideas are my thing.

Your New Secret Weapon

Adam Hunt - Script Writer and Creative Consultant.
Based in London, working remotely with clients around the world (New York, LA, Miami, Houston, Dubai, Sydney and more)